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Academies and Continuous Training

Continuous training and the best equipment are critically important in modern-day policing. At the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, we believe in providing our employees with the very best training and equipment to help them succeed.

Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy logo

Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy

Newly hired patrol and court security recruits start their law enforcement education at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy in Ashburn, Virginia. This 6-month academy turns recruits into deputy sheriffs through a combination of classroom education, physical fitness training, defensive tactics, driving skills, and much more. The academy runs four days a week. No live-in academy! Our recruits receive full salary and benefits while attending the academy. Upon graduation, deputies complete a 14-week Field Training Program alongside various Field Training Officers.

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Skyline Regional Criminal Justice Academy

Newly hired Correctional Deputies attend a three-month academy at the Skyline Regional Criminal Justice Academy in Middletown, Virginia. This academy prepares recruits to become quick-thinking deputies with the ability to help secure the state-of-the-art Loudoun County Adult Detention Center. Like NVCJTA, Skyline also runs four days a week and is not residential. Our recruits receive full pay and benefits while attending the academy. Upon graduation, deputies complete a 12-week Correctional Training and Evaluation Program alongside experienced Correctional Training Officers.

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Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) Certified Applicants:

Applicants who hold a current DCJS certification have a condensed hiring process. They are not required to attend the academy and have an abbreviated Field/Correctional Training Program.

Continuous Education

Your training and learning will not end on the last day of the academy. To ensure that our citizens receive exemplary service, LCSO deputies are continuously provided opportunities to train and advance their skills throughout their careers. Deputies routinely receive in-service training, well above the state requirement of 40 hours every two years. Deputies also have the opportunity to travel throughout the country to attend specialized trainings, workshops, and seminars to enhance their skills at no expense to them. All deputies and dispatchers also attend our nationally-recognized Crisis Intervention Training program.

Our staff are provided numerous incentives to seek further education at the collegiate level with many deputies obtaining bachelors, masters, and even doctoral degrees!

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During your first week as an LCSO Deputy you will be issued over 100 items of uniforms and equipment. It is important to us that all of our deputies are equipped with the best equipment to effectively perform their jobs and look professional at all times. Any uniform showing signs of wear can be easily exchanged. Your safety is also of utmost importance to us. That is why we issue you a custom-fit ballistic vest every five years. Deputies have the option to wear exterior or interior vests. We even issue you a new pair of boots every year!


As a Patrol Deputy, you are issued your own individually assigned cruiser. We currently utilize the Dodge Charger for the majority of our Patrol Deputies. Deputies in specialty positions may be issued a Dodge Durango. Deputies who live in Loudoun County are permitted to take their cruiser home at the end of every shift.

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