Career Paths

Career Paths

Working for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is like no job you have ever experienced. Our deputies think quickly on their feet and are trained to react to rapidly changing situations. They are intelligent, courageous, and compassionate professionals. Most importantly, our deputies put the safety and welfare of our citizens first. Our civilian staff also play a very important role and are the backbone of our organization. Whether sworn or civilian, Community Policing is a core belief shared by every member of our agency. As an LCSO deputy or civilian staff member, you will have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of your neighbors on a daily basis.

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Corrections Career Path

As a deputy in our Corrections Division you will be responsible for maintaining the care and custody of inmates at the Loudoun Adult Detention Center. Correctional Deputies are sworn deputies who work in our state-of-the-art detention center which opened in 2007. The Adult Detention Center is an indirect-supervision facility that consistently receives perfect scores on “Compliance for Life, Health, and Safety Standards” during unannounced inspections from the Virginia Board of Corrections.

During a shift, you may be assigned to monitor a housing unit, work the control room, medical housing, or intake unit. You will be responsible for maintaining security, resolving problems, conducting investigations, and managing special programs and units. Within the Corrections Division, there are numerous specialty opportunities available to you including, work-release, inmate workforce, Special Operations Team, Correctional Training Officer, Gang-Intelligence Unit, K9 handler, Inmate Transportation, and more.

The Adult Detention Center is also leading the way in providing opportunities for inmates to develop and rehabilitate through job training, education, and by providing services to prepare inmates for release. As a deputy assigned to the Corrections Division, you can make a positive impact on inmates and help them change the trajectory of their lives.

Court Services Career Path

As a deputy in our Court Services Division, you’ll have the opportunity to serve in a variety of roles both within and outside the Loudoun County Courthouse. The primary function of the division is to provide security for the Loudoun County Courthouse.

You will be assigned to one of four subdivisions within the Court Services Division:

Front Security and Employee Checkpoints:

You will ensure the safety of the entire courthouse by screening everyone entering the facility.

Processing Section:

In this unit you will be responsible for making arrests, taking DNA swabs and fingerprints, and transporting paperwork between various courts and the LCSO Records Section.


As a deputy assigned to the detention area of the courthouse, you will be responsible for transporting inmates to and from the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center, and other state jails/prisons, to the Loudoun County Courthouse for trials and hearings. You will also process individuals sentenced by a judge and transport them to the Adult Detention Center.

Courtroom Bailiffs:

As a Bailiff, you will maintain decorum within your assigned courtroom, provide protection for judges, assist with video conference calls (CCTV), and help facilitate the smooth implementation of jurors for jury trials.

The Court Services Division also has a unit that works outside the walls of the courthouse: The Civil Process Unit. As a deputy in Civil Process, you will be responsible for serving civil paperwork generated by the courts and by citizens. You will travel throughout Loudoun County serving a wide range of documents including: evictions, levy’s, non-payment of taxes, bank and wage garnishments, divorce papers, witness subpoenas, child support notices, and other similar court documents. Providing resources to those in need and educating citizens on their rights in a civil proceeding will also be a critical part of your responsibilities in this position.

Operations Career Path

As a deputy in the Operations career path, you will have the opportunity to work in one of three separate divisions: Field Operations Division, Operational Support Division, or Criminal Investigations Division. As a deputy in our Operations career path, you will be responsible for responding to 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls, conducting criminal investigations, making arrests, working with the community to solve problems, traffic enforcement, crime scene processing, and much more.

Those applicants interested in the Operations career path traditionally start in the Field Operations Division as patrol deputies. After three years deputies are eligible to apply for specialty positions within the Field Operations Division, Operational Support, or Criminal Investigations Division.

Field Operations Divisions

As a Patrol Deputy, you will serve as a first responder to emergencies as they happen. Deputies are assigned to beats within one of four station areas in Loudoun County. Our most frequent calls for service include larcenies, frauds, alarms, 9-1-1 hang-ups, and domestic assaults. These deputies are also the first to arrive at serious incidents, such as robberies and homicides.

As a Patrol Deputy, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the citizens you meet every day. Deputies in the Field Operations Division can also serve as Field Training Officers, Evidence Identification Technicians, Community Resource Officers, Property Crimes Detectives, Special Operations Section Deputies, K9 Handlers, and Supervisors.

All patrol deputies are issued their own individual cruiser. Deputies who reside within Loudoun County may take the cruiser home at the end of their shift.

Operational Support Division

The mission of the Operational Support Division is to support Field Operations through highly specialized assignments and equipment. The two primary sections within the Operational Support Division are the Youth Services Section and the Traffic Safety Section.

The Youth Services Section includes our School Resource Officer Unit, and our D.A.R.E. Program – both of which are nationally recognized programs. As a deputy in the Youth Services Section you will work in the Loudoun County Public School System providing security and mentorship to the students. You will also provide education to parents, students, and staff on emerging trends and risks. These deputies help students achieve bright futures and maintain safe learning environments.

The Traffic Safety Section includes Crash Reconstruction, Motor Unit, and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement. These units work diligently to help keep Loudoun roads and drivers safe.

Additionally, the Operational Support Division houses a number of supplemental units, to include:

  • Dive Team
  • Search and Rescue Team
  • Civil Disturbance Unit
  • Explosive Ordinance Disposal
  • Honor Guard
  • Bike Team

Criminal Investigations Division

The mission of the Criminal Investigation Division is to conduct in-depth, complex, and highly specialized investigations into serious criminal offenses occurring in Loudoun County. Units in the Criminal Investigations Division include Robbery-Homicide, Special Victims Unit, Financial Crimes, Tactical Enforcement Unit, Crime Scene Unit, Digital Forensic Unit, and more. The detectives assigned to these units receive highly specialized training from across the country and are supported by experts in crime analysis, digital forensics, and latent fingerprint examination.

In addition, many detectives assigned to these sections also work on or support federal and state task forces.

Civilian Career Path

It takes dedication, commitment, and skill to support a large law enforcement organization like the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

The civilian professional staff working for the LCSO serve in numerous capacities, which include:

Property & Evidence
Digital Forensic
Latent Fingerprints
Dispatchers & Call Takers
Crime Analysis
Administrative Assistants
Budget Specialist
Human Resources
Crossing Guard

And many more!

Our civilian staff receive competitive benefits and salaries, and other incentives, including ongoing educational opportunities.

Emergency Communications Center:

Dispatchers and Call Takers for the LCSO are the calm voice in the dark. These highly trained women and men work at our state-of-the-art Emergency Communication Center (ECC) and are the first voice callers hear during an emergency. Our Dispatchers and Call Takers are the lifeline of public safety and allow deputies to be successful in their jobs. This job allows you to be there for people in need. As a Dispatcher or Call Taker you will work a non-rotating schedule of 12-hour shifts and work approximately 15 shifts per month.



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